Unnatural causes 2: when the bough breaks

Racism is still here. Some places it is not as prevalent as others. Racism carries worrisome factors for everyday life that we do not always think about. Our babies, either born or still in the womb feel the pressure and stress that we feel when dealing with such a intense topic. As Americans both black white we expect our health care system to be one of the best, but this is not always true. Women who decide to be mothers are carefully  monitored by themselves, doctors, and family members to help ensure a healthy pregnancy and baby. When stress accompanies you during your pregnancy and it becomes to much it can wreak havoc on your body. complications can arise and can even cause low birth weight or premature births.

Premature birth can happen for many reasons and chooses to happen the most in African American women. African American women are three times more likely to have premature birth than a white woman. It is believed that  one’s upbringing, social standing, health, and education are all important factors. Other important factors include a persons environmental and political lifestyle as well. I would think that with how wary we are about our health system  that this would not be a great issue. Some people I’m sure would love to ignore this issue. But the is that it is real and that pregnant women or women wanting kids need to greatly relieve the stress in their lives as much as possible so that a healthier pregnancy is achieved.

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  1. I thought your post was very interesting, seeing as you looked into a mental health disparity rather than a physical one. Pretty much all of my middle class white American family display generalized anxiety and I had never really considered why. You suggested that it could be due to the individualistic ways of the American culture. This is something I had never really considered in the past, but makes sense. If pressure were put on the achievements of the individual, rather than something larger (like a family), then that individual would more likely feel stress and self-blame.

    As we have learned in class, the relationship between “race” and health disparities shows a strong correlation, however, we should be cautious to remember the real factors affecting the illness. Instead of using race as a causal determinant of a health disparity, we should consider environmental, social and economic factors that are the TRUE cause of the health disparity. It could be compared to obesity in the United States. Obesity itself directly to blame for health disparities, but instead, all the factors that lead to obesity are the blame. However, due to the ability to physically see obesity, conclusions are drawn by simply looking at a person (an obese person is assumed to have high cholesterol or hypertension). Although obesity, like race, can be linked and correlated to certain health disparities, it should not be viewed as a direct causal relationship. I find it very hard to believe that an individual could simply alleviate their stress instantly for the good of their child, but that it would take something much greater to fix this problem. It would require a larger force to come in and compensate for the stressors during pregnancy. A workplace might perhaps pay for an extended leave, and send food and support out to the home. To eliminate stress for a pregnant mother, the stressors must be taken away; I do not think it is fair to expect the mother to simply stop her stress alone.
    Although my proposal would be very helpful and would reduce a lot of stress and premature births, it would be very difficult for a plan like this to be passed by government. It would take them a lot of time and money

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