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In the Frontline: Sick around the World film they compared the health system of Great Britain’s to America’s healthcare. The film also covered other countries like Japan, Germany, and Taiwan. In Great Britain the healthcare is run by the government and called the National Health Service (NHS) for short. This system covers everybody in the country. The cost of healthcare is free everybody who lives there. Nobody pays insurance premiums or copays. Since there are no medical bills of any kind their country can also claim no medical bankruptcy either. The healthcare is paid from tax revenue so they do end up paying higher taxes. Also their system can claim better healthcare statistics than us with longer life spans and lower infant mortality rates. The healers there are licensed doctors who are really salaried government employees who make good money and live in a higher social status because of their income. Some the techniques Great Britain is known of is their preventative medicine. The government and doctors push preventative medicine on their patients. Doctors even get monetary bonuses when their patients stay healthy. Some doctors interact with their patients as gatekeepers. You have to see a general practitioner before seeing a specialist. Also they are known for having long waiting lists to see the doctor but this is changing and the waiting lists are growing shorter over the years.

The Great Britain healthcare system operates in the professional sector. The doctors there are organized, legally sanctioned health professional that are also the gatekeepers of knowledge and treatments. There in Great Britain, biomedicine is the authoritative form healthcare since it is western society so that is what is used to understand and treat symptoms of the body when ill. Prescription drugs are also another way to look at how doctors treat their patients and are the only ones who can prescribe them as well.

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  1. I chose to comment on your blog because I am amazed of the healthcare system in Great Britain. I watched the film “Sick around the World” last year in a public health course, and it is amazing what the government does for their citizens. Health care in Great Britain is basically the same as the health care in the United States, that both of which operate in the professional sector. Both doctors in the US and Great Britain prescribe drugs, order x-rays; they both either work in clinics or in hospitals; also both of them treat their patients by giving them drugs or operating on them and performing surgeries; so the way the job is done is clearly the same in a professional way, and all doctors in the US and Great Britain care for their patients.

    However, the only different is the costs of receiving the medical care; in the United States health care cost money, in fact it costs lots of money, but in Great Britain health care is totally free. In addition that healthcare in Great Britain is credible, effective and legitimate, it is also free. I believe that caring for the patient is not only by giving them medicine and make them feel better, but it is also by offering them the medical care they need whenever and wherever they need it. In the US, if a person can’t afford healthcare insurance they will have to pay lots of money just to make a visit to a Family Physician, meaning that if someone doesn’t have the money or the insurance and got sick, they will have to stay that way, or get healthcare and be in debt, or if the illness is very bad then it is just going to be a bad ending.

    ~ Yasmin Elgamel

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