Amok …a Malaysian Disorder

The phrase “running amok” originated with this disease.  It originated in Malaysia and is a dissociative disorder.  It is mostly in males around the ages of 20-45 and its symptoms include brooding and frequent outbursts. They become exhausted after this and it seems to be precipitated by some sort of insult and is a sociopathic type of disorder. Men suffering from this suffer a loss of status within their own community. It often occurs in rural regions of this country. Treatment of this syndrome is similar to that of other psychiatric disorders.  Sometimes these patients are suicidal and require hospitalization.  Cases of amok are becoming less and less and better treatments become available.  This behavior can resemble mania and such disorders as bipolar disorders.  The origin however is in Malaysia as a culture bound syndrome. Some patients suffering from this have become suidical. I do not think people with this disorder in Malaysia had any type of treatment that was helpful just like people nowadays with similar diseases, treatment is difficult for these chronic disorders today just as it has been in the past.


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