Breast Cancer In Caucasian Women

There has always been a major concern with breast cancer in the United States. Caucasian women are said to have breast cancer more than any other race. This article outlines a study done for specific risk factors while scientists try to dissect the causes of high rates of breast cancer in Caucasian women. Increased risks have been associated with age, first pregnancy, early menopause, and breast cancer has even been associated with a fatty diet.

During the study, 785 women were interviewed at several different hospitals in New York City. The main focus was on women who were in pre and post menopausal stages. This was also considered the control group. Some of these women were coming into the hospital for various issues such as cancer (skin, lungs, etc.). The patients being studied were in the hospital specifically for a confirmed diagnosis of carcinoma of the breast. Carcinoma of the breast is malignant tumor of the breast (arising from milk glands and ducts).

All of these patients were interviewed after being classified as post or pre-menopausal. In the interviews, they discussed symptoms that they had been having over the past couple of months (pre-menstrual syndrome, spotting, etc.). Scientists found that these women were between the ages of 25 or older.

They also tested fertility rates in these women as well. For example, some people have children at a later age due to fertility difficulties. In both the menopausal and fertility factors, scientists found no biological difference between the control group and the group being studied. Breast cancer is being treated with chemotherapy and/or surgery to try to catch cancer early before it spreads in the body. The article was not specific on any particular cultural differences associated with the disease more in this race than others.

However, there are several individual dimensions to try to prevent breast cancer; self-examination every month, and going to get a mammogram at age 40.


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