Obesity In America

In a study
done by Dr. Philip T. James called, “The Worldwide Obesity Epidemic”, Obesity
and BMI are examined globally. The study focuses on BMI data to create an
analysis of regional obesity across the globe. The prevalence rates for obese
individuals vary widely from country to country. The Middle East, Europe and
North America have the highest obesity rates. Also, women in most countries
have a higher BMI distribution and higher obesity rates when compared to their
male counterparts. Another part of the study indicates that individuals who
have abdominal obesity have enhanced morbidity. These individuals were also
found to have early childhood stunting as well low birth weight rates.

Biologically, individual body chemistry varies widely. Metabolic rates are not constant from person to person and can cause one person to become overweight easier than
another. In terms of culture, obesity in the U.S. has become part of our
culture. The foods that have become staples of the “American Diet”, contribute
greatly to the obesity epidemic. The average American diet consists of high
fat, sugar, and sodium content. On an individual basis, obesity can be combated
with a disciplined diet and physical activity. Environment can inhibit both of
these factors in some cases. As we learned in last week’s material, lower
socioeconomic communities are affected most.

Treatment has recently become centered around preventative action. Body Mass Index, or BMI, is the main scale used to measure and evaluate obesity. The normal BMI
should remain within 18.5 to 24.9 kg/m^2. Individuals outside of the normal BMI
had increased prevalence of diabetes, hypertension, gall stones, and coronary
heart disease. Evaluation of obesity has also recently focused on children just
over the age of 3 years old. Childhood obesity is a strong precursor to adult
obesity and increases the prevalence of the diseases mentioned. In the popular
sector, drugs and “quick fix” fitness plans seem to be an ever growing form of
treatment. In the professional sector, diet plans and fitness regimens can be

Source: http://www.nature.com/oby/journal/v9/n11s/full/oby2001123a.html

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  1. This post talked about obesity in America. I think obesity should be considered a culture-bound syndrome. America is by far the most obese country in the world. It is sad that even children are becoming obese. America is by far the laziest country also. You can’t drive a mile down the road without seeing multiple fast food chains. There are obviously fast food restaurants throughout the world but other countries lead healthier lifestyles. For instance, in Europe, people travel on the subway. They don’t drive to get to the subway they walk there. Europeans also walk or bike everywhere. In the US, however, we drive everywhere. Europeans also eat healthier and not as frequently. When they sit down to eat their meals they take their time. Americans rush through meals eating too much before our brain even has the time to register that we’re full. In other cultures I think that this condition would be considered as being lazy and unhealthy. Other cultures would also see this as being overindulgent in unhealthy foods. Healthy lifestyles should begin at a very young age. Eating healthy and exercising daily should be the example set. That way a healthy lifestyle becomes a way of life.

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