Restless Leg Syndrome

The medical dictionary defines restless
leg syndrome as a condition where “a distressing need or urge to
move your legs(or arms)”. I think that culture plays a large role
in this condition because before it came about, many people would
probably have just said their legs were sleeping or the tingle they
feel in their limbs were just a result of poor blood circulation. I
believe that because the condition is based solely on the description
of the patient and can not be treated, it is not a “serious
illness” to most people. As we saw in the television skit, it is
fairly easy to make fun of. When I first heard of the condition, I
was with a group of friends and we quickly decided that it was a way
to categorize any unfamiliar feeling one may be having in their body.
This is not to say that people do not have these symptoms. I think
that in western culture anything that is not normal or slightly out
of place is automatically considered an illness or disease so that
someone can create a prescription drug and make money. Since the
condition is based purely on what the patient says they are feeling,
bio-medicine seems to not acknowledge it as a disease. Due to the
bio-medicine not identifying it as a problem, it is not seen in our
culture as an issue.


I think belief and healing go hand in
hand, you can not have healing without belief. In cases such as the
two war veterans that had a placebo knee surgery, it was going
through the ritual and the belief that something had changed in that
time. I am a true believer in mind over matter, you can believe
something into existence. It is very much like life, if you believe
that you can accomplish certain goals and make them real, you are
more likely to achieve them. Just as you can believe yourself into
being sick, you can believe yourself well.

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