W4 Activity Post Prompt

Title: Choose an episode of True Life dealing with a medical condition from this list [link] to analyze for this activity post and write the title of it (e.g. “I have an embarrassing medical condition”)

*** I have noticed that some of you are picking episodes that do not directly deal with the biomedical system such as “I am a shopoholic”, etc. If you do pick an episode like this, you will be required to explain exactly why you interpreted this to be a “medical condition” and this episode to be reflective of an “illness narrative”. Otherwise you will not get points for your post.***

Body: (300-400 words)

  • Summarize the episode and identify the following themes:
    • Type of narrative (Restitution, Chaos, Quest)
    • Use of narrative
    • Culture and Stigma
    • Experiences with medical professionals
    • The sick role – rights and responsibilities
  • Discuss the usefulness of illness narratives to patients/family/healthcare providers – cite materials from this week to support your answer

Comment: (200-300 words)

  • Pick a post that analyzed a different episode of True Life
  • Find another illness narrative (youtube/website/blog/article, etc.) that reflects on the same medical condition as discussed in the true life episode your classmate chose – cite it and link to it.
  • Compare the experience of this patient to the ones described in the original post – what factors do you think influenced their experience (culture, family, gender, socio-economic status, etc.)

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Post Due: Friday 7/27

Comment Due: Sunday 7/29

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