One of the blog posts that we read this week was about fibromyalgia I thought that is was an interesting disease before because people do not understand the disease mechanism. Fibromyalgia is overall a mystery disease. According to PubMed Health, fibromyalgia is a systemic disease that causes pain and tenderness throughout the body, mainly in the joints, muscles and soft tissues. Sometimes the symptoms that can come along with this disease include Irritable Bowel Syndrome, migraines, memory/focus problems, and extreme fatigue. There is no approved cure for fibromyalgia; treatment is prescribed to deal with the symptoms of the disease. These treatment plans usually are things like painkillers and muscle relaxants to deal with the systemic pain. Some that suffer from fibromyalgia feel down because of this relentless disease that they must deal with therefore many have depression which requires antidepressants. These sorts of symptoms make daily life difficult and uncomfortable. I find that some often American culture does not want to recognize sickness as a reason for not being able to go about many everyday tasks, especially when the symptoms of your illness are not visible. People will have a harder time understanding what is going on because they cannot see the proof. As we saw in the fibromyalgia blog the women had many issues being able to go out to meet with friends. Overall the our culture feels that fibromyalgia is not a real disease because of the way it presents while the medical professional used many medications in hopes to help by treating the patients symptoms.

When looking at the treatments that people are prescribing it seems to mainly focus on medications which fall in line with American culture. We tend to believe that the best way to cure things is with a pill and then it is all better. But in fact it is so much more; people need to be looked at holistically instead of just from a drug treatment perspective so that the best treatment plan can be provided.
After watching Cracking the Code I found the effects of the placebo to be quite impressive. By looking at the stories of patients who went into experimental studies full of hope the connection of belief and healing was very pronounced. For example the mother that was dealing with depression was so very excited and prepared to become about of the experimental study that was filmed. Her hope  and faith made  her believe that she was going to receive the actual drug  during the study but she did not. Beliefs gives people something that they can hope for it helps to get them to hope for the best outcome. By mentally ‘preparing’ themselves their body will have high levels of endorphins which can actually create better outcomes.


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