Restless Leg Syndrome

According to the RLS Foundation restless leg syndrome is “is a disruptive neurologic disorder that seriously affects 2-3% of the adult population. RLS results in an irresistible urge to move the legs which is often accompanied by unusual or unpleasant sensations in the legs that may be described as creeping, tugging, or pulling. Because RLS most often occurs in the evening, it can severely disrupt sleep and reduce quality of life.” I think the American culture and biomedicine does influence the illness experience of the sufferers of RLS. Many people in our culture do not believe it is not a real illness. Due to this fact it is easy to make fun of the condition and its sufferers like we saw in lecture with that Mad TV skit. This may cause sufferers of RLS to not believe in their diagnosis or for doctors to not believe in their patients symptoms. Both of these influence biomedicine by resulting in sufferers not getting the right treatment. If these people diagnosed with RLS do not believe their diagnosis is real then they may never get treatment or try to manage their illness. On the other hand doctors who doubt the illness’s validity then they may prescribe the incorrect treatments and therapies for people who do in fact have RLS.

I do believe that belief is healing’s counterpart. As we saw in the video “Placebo: Cracking the Code” many people were healed by the belief that they were cured in some method that by all accounts should not have. It seems like the mind does the curing or thinks its pain free because it was told it should me. Also in the video we saw how placebos can cause a really physical reaction like when a placebo pill can cause the brain to release endorphins which then stop the pain the body is experiencing. So because we believe the pill will cure us then our mind will do the work to heal us.    



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