RLS aka Restless Leg Syndrome

WebMD says Restless Leg Syndrome also known as RLS is “people with restless legs syndrome have uncomfortable sensations in their legs (and sometimes arms or other parts of the body) and an irresistible urge to move their legs to relieve the sensations. The sensations are difficult to describe: they are an uncomfortable, “itchy,” “pins and needles,” or “creepy crawly” feeling in the legs. The sensations are usually worse at rest, especially when lying or sitting. The sensations can lead to sleep deprivation and stress”. (Louise Chang, 2011) RLS have no medical assessment to detect the condition so it’s basically base the patient’s symptoms and answers to family history.  I have always heard the RLS is something that is made up so the pharmaceutical companies can make money off people. In Lecture one I watch a video on Madtv making funny of RSL suggesting it’s not a real illness. Culture and biomedicine can influence the illness experience for individual.  Since many people do not believe RLS is real the individual might not seek treatment believe themselves it’s not real. In return get the wrong treatment for RLS or just live in silence about their RSL.  Biomedicine can help treat individual if they believe they are suffering for Restless Leg Syndrome. It also can treat someone doesn’t have it but believe they have it.

I belief there is connection between belief in healing it has do with the mind and body. I remember when I was younger when I ever told my mom I had a headache she would give me some kind of pills. I later found out that it was basically placebo’s my mom gave me because she didn’t like the idea of giving me real pills. She told me after I drunk it I would say my headache went away. This is a good example of what was said in Lecture 2 about the placebo effect and how our minds create the medicine. The video Placebo: Cracking the Code shows a woman who says she has depression and is given “medicine” at the end she doesn’t seem feel depressed anymore. I believe the same way some can heal themselves is the same way they can make themselves sick.

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