Restless Leg Syndrome

Restless leg syndrome is when someone has the urge to move their legs because of an unwanted sensation. It’s funny to me because I used to think of this disorder as socially constructed, and something that people just used as an excuse until it started happening to my mom. She would wake up in the middle of the night and just have to walk around because the sensations in her legs would make it hard for her to sleep. I also have these sensations sometimes, and although I don’t have to get up and walk around, I fear that one day I might have to. However, because there is no cure or I feel that biomedicine doesn’t have that much of an influence on it. I think culture has a bigger influence because with everything, once a group of people complain about something it becomes a disorder and then the medical and pharmaceutical field tries to come up with treatment for it. The form of treatment for restless leg syndrome is to reduce stress, and try to find ways to relax your muscles. There also are a few medications that people can take if it gets too bad, but I think that a lot of times pharmaceutical companies just put out new drugs because they can make money off of them.

To me, belief and healing are connected in a lot of ways, i’ve always believed the in the placebo effect. I think that if you believe something will work, it has a lot better chance of working than if you don’t believe in it. I think this goes for everything including doctors, because if you believe the doctor will cure you and you have a good attitude about treatment, the likelihood that you will recover is greater. Just like in the video, a man’s knee surgery is cured by a fake surgery. I learned about this in anthropology 320, and it’s stuck with me ever since. Our own belief in certain things can be helpful in ways we have never imagined.

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  1. I never really knew much about Restless Leg Syndrome. I’ve heard about it but nothing too in-depth. I just thought it was kind of like whenever your leg “falls asleep” from being in the same position for too long. I didn’t think it could possibly be a real condition. Culturally, I think many people don’t think it could be a real condition either. As we saw in the lecture, we saw the MAD TV skit about Restless Leg Syndrome. They were clearly making fun of RLS, assuming it’s not real. These are where my views about RLS came from because our culture pokes fun at the condition. From a biomedical view, I didn’t think that doctors took the condition very seriously either since there wasn’t much known about the condition.

    My views on this condition came about from how our culture looks at RLS. Learning that there is no cure and no way to diagnose the condition contributed to how I looked at RLS. I thought how could it be real if there is no way to cure or diagnose it? Doctors are supposed to diagnose RLS just by what people are telling them what their symptoms are. Anyone could look up the symptoms and go to a doctor and say they have RLS. After watching the video this week on the woman with RLS my views are changing. It seems like a painful condition and many other people are affected by it. I think that if maybe people were more aware about the condition they wouldn’t poke as much fun at it.

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