MTV show

I have diabetes

Subjecting myself to the insipid tripe that is MTV for the
first time in over a decade (Beavis and Butt head on Itunes does not count) I
watched a show I never heard of before True Life.  I picked the episode I Have Diabetes. This episode documents three young diabetics, and
how they cope with the disease.  There is Kristen a formally independent twenty
something that is forced to move home to cope with her medical bills. Mathew a
diabetic college student who binge drinks even though being a diabetic heavy
alcohol use is dangerous, and Jennifer a very young women who is diagnosed with
diabetes when she is pregnant.

In this documentary they three subjects struggle with the
sick role the male subject knows that drinking with his diabetes is very dangerous
but he continues to do it because I wants a “college experience”. One of the
female subject struggles with the strict dietary restrictions.  Another female subject struggles with bills
and move back home with mom and dad to help cover her bills.

I think the narrative type is the chaos narrative I think
this because the three young people seemed to have major difficulties in obeying
well known dietary restrictions (including limiting the amount of alcohol
consumed). The financial difficulties, of one of the subjects adds to this. It appears
that their lives are spiraling out of control.

The interaction of the three characters with the medical system
is primarily with biomedical professionals (probably endocrinologists). This is
a medical system that is modern, and that we all are failure with.  Diabetes is a common common medical condition;
all of us know at least on problem with this condition. With the obesity
epidemic in this country it is also a growing problem.  There is not a stigma with diabetes even
though type two diabetes has a behavior component to it.

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