W5 Activity Post Prompt

Title: Pick a condition that is heavily medicalized or biomedicalized in our society (e.g. obesity, alcoholism, ADHD, erectile dysfunction, etc)

Body: (300-400 words)

  • Explain why you think this condition is bio/medicalized in U.S. culture. What are the cultural, political, economic, etc. forces that now re-frame this condition as an “illness” that required biomedical intervention? Refer to the Conrad article for ideas and cite your outside sources
  • Find a link to an advertisement for a medication that treats this condition and include it in your post
  • Using my birth control lecture as an example, conduct a media analysis of this advertisement and identify
    • Advertising strategies
    • Cultural values and ideologies
    • Social Roles
    • Presentation of medical information
    • Doctor patient interactions

Comment: (200-300 words)

  • Pick a post with a different condition and look at the advertisement they are analyzing
  • Reflect on their analysis – do you agree? Is there something they didn’t consider?
  • Describe the role of medications in American society in the contexts of medicalization and biomedicalization? What does it say about our cultural values and ideologies about health, wellbeing and success? Use examples from the readings and film

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Post Due: Friday 8/3

Comment Due: Sunday 8/5

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