I think that ADHD has been heavily medicalized because of the public action. Conrad mentions that this is a huge contributing factor when determining what defines a medical condition. A change in this became apparent in the third edition of DSM, which focused on symptoms of an illness rather than etiology (563). Also changing what criteria they needed to have in order to be diagnosed changed the way ADHD evolved as a medical condition (564). Both economically and culturally I could see a connection to the medicalization of ADHD. Large companies that may produce a drug that treats that condition could have advertised the illness more and then more people may go to their doctor to get tested. Similarly, those companies could pay doctors to diagnose people with some symptoms of the disease so they would be treated with their drug. Cultural factors may be an influence as well. Because the U.S. is has a attitude encouraging multi tasking and constant movement it could be something someone who may have some tendencies towards hyper activity become more likely to develop the illness.

This add is for adderall, a commonly used drug for the treatment of ADHD. It uses positive words like “confidently” and “soar” to promote the medication. There is also a young boy looking happy, attempting to show how a child on this medication will be. Their slogan however tip toes around a guarantee, explaining that there “may” be a difference. This was carefully written so that if angry parents were to ask for their money back they had warned them it wasn’t going to work for everyone. It also encourages the parent to take the summer to try a new medication so that their child will be adjusted and ready to start the school year with a longer attention span and focus. There are warnings in the same font size as those that describe the medication. However, they do not use bullet points to start off those sentences. This is probably because bullet points are used to give short important facts about things, as if to say you should definitely read this part.

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