I think that today Alcoholism is now seen as an illness
because of the vast amount of people who face this problem. I also think that
our lifestyles today make it seem like it is a bigger issue to be a heavy
drinker. Many years ago it was typical for someone to drink daily but with
today’s standards of living it is more often frowned upon. You need to be
dependable in order to get a good job and make money to support yourself and
your family, and if you are known as being a heavy drinker then people are not
going to want to hire you for fear of you being drunk during a time that they
are depending on you to do your job to the best of your ability.

As the Conrad article says “these diagnoses have been
promoted actively by sufferers and their advocates” which I agree with. The start
of groups like AA has made alcoholism really aware to the public. I think
people actively stating that they have a problem and showing how difficult it
is to overcome this illness has also proven to the general public that this
really is an actual sickness and should be treated like one.
alcoholism cure

The strategies of this advertisement are to make it seem
like a quick fix to your problem which all Americans appreciate. It says no
meetings and no side effects just by adding this drop of medication to your
water. It claims to stop cravings for alcohol. One of our values in society is
time, and to have the ability to save time and just take this medication it
makes life so much easier which I think is the ultimate goal of this drug. Also
if you don’t have to go see a doctor to order it then it saves you a trip to
the doctor and possibly the embarrassment of telling your doctor you have a
problem. This medication claims to be completely anonymous. The website shows
results to be 84% successful which makes you believe that it could definitely
work. I think that a lot of Americans would turn to this medication in hopes of
a quick cure.

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