1. By culture of biomedicine we mean biomedicine even though to us it seems the norm is is a culture and can be studied anthropologically. In the lecture it explained how biomedicine has parts of making it a culture the institutional history of biomedicine, language of biomedical facts, and rituals of biomedicine. Like in the article on “Rituals in the operating room: Are they necessary?” it shows that that is a culture with the rituals they do and even how they dress in a surgical room. It is so important because it ensures patients safety. Culture of biomedicine is also so important because we are able to see that just because this is the most common approach in western culture that is based off facts does not mean that this is the same in other areas. Sometimes it is the more natural or religious ways that matter most to others.

2. My view on this dichotomy is that when your heart is beating you are breathing you are alive, and when the opposite you are dead. Through my religion I learn that your soul is inside your body and when you die you leave your body behind, so death is when your soul is gone. These views have came from biomedicine, and religion because we learn the differences between life and death. It can especially be hard in biomedicine to make the call on to keep someone alive even with no brain activity of after being in a comma for so long, cause even though a person is technically according to biomedicine alive, are they really with no brain activity?

3.  I think this life/death is accepted as logical in western society because it makes sense to us all we can all clearly see the difference between life and death and they are two opposites of one another. It is natural because we see it as a part of life we know that one day we will all die and can’t live forever it is a part of life. It is true in western society as well as a part of the objectivity of universality because through facts and knowledge we know when someone is dead. Life and death are not seen as in between because through what we know someone can’t be considered alive and dead it is one or the other.

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