Erectile Dysfunction

I think this disorder is medicalized because it’s just another easy way for pharmaceutical companies to make money off of people. I also think that once so many people complain about a certain issue physicians and scientists want to find a way to help so they try to find a solution. A plus side to something being medicalized is that it makes people feel like they’re not alone, and that they aren’t the only person who has this issue. I think that makes it easier for people to admit they have a problem and easier for them to get help if they choose to do so.

The commercial that I found was for a drug called Cialis. The type of advertising they use is direct to consumer. They are trying to get new patients and potential customers to buy their drug because it’s better than all the rest. They definitely make it seem like erectile dysfunction is bad, and it means something is wrong with you and that you should get it fixed immediately. I’ve always thought it was funny how every commercial for a certain drug on TV has more serious side effects than the actual “disorder” you’re starting out with. Just like in this commercial, it says that the side effects can include headache, muscle ache, drop in blood pressure, and you have need to seek medical attention. All of that sounds a lot worse than having erectile dysfunction to me. All throughout the commercial they are showing two people who are clearly in love having a good time, and they do that so it will distract you from all the health conditions that can result from taking their medication. At the end they tell you to talk to your doctor so when the time comes, “you can be ready.” It’s a very cheesy commercial.

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