Life and Death

The meaning of “culture biomedicine “is how medicine is culturally influenced. In lecture 5 its talks about three cultural studies of biomedicine. First is the institutional history of biomedicine which means how medicine has evolved overtime. Second is the language of biomedical which is social values or ideologies of medicine. The last one is ritual of biomedicine which the daily lives of doctors or patients. Its important concept because helps doctors understand different variations of cultural diversity. A good example of this is book “The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down” which shows how a medical doctor not understanding another culture was very harmful.

My views on life and death came from many places like school, friends, family, doctors, and the media. I believe life begins when you are in your mother’s womb; your heart starts beating and when your brain can function. Talking about life reminds of the abortion debate and how some people believe having an abortion is taking a life. When it comes to death when your brain has no activity or heart completely stops I considered you deceased. Even though someone is on life support I still believe you are deceased because a machine is what is basically keeping you a live. I knew two people who were on life support but their family and friends considered them deceased. Life and death two concepts hard to make a definite definition because of the different views how it’s been debated upon at the government level.

Life and death is accepted as nature or true because inevitably it’s simple either you’re dead or alive.  It’s the cycle of life which cannot be ignored. But Life can  be prolonged if you take good care of your body.  It can be tied into in lecture 5.1 claim of universality which is direct reflection of nature and is the universal truth.

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