life and death

Life and Death

It is one of the few things, if
not the only thing that all people have in common; death.  We all must die, it is the cost of life and
there are no exceptions.  Given this and
the finality of this death is an important subject to study (even if some
people don’t want to because if makes them keenly aware of their own

Medical dichotomy: There is probably
no larger separation of anything in the world than the difference between an organism,
(any organism whether it is plant or animal) that is alive and the same organism
that is dead.  Given this light I tended
to disagree heavily with this week’s presentation more than those in the past. Death
is not qualitative death is quantitate. The cessation of life functions is absolute,
there is no gray area. As a society moves from primitive ignorance to that of
advanced science the ability to pinpoint the most absolute moment of life
cessation increases.  This has moved from
an ear on the chest to mirror under the nose to the modern use of brain
activity. But this is not changing the time of death or what death is; death is
the cessation of life. The ability for biomedicine to more accurately pinpoint
the absolute time of death or the ability to pull a victim back from  the “brink of death” did not change what
death is.

I think as western society accepts that there is
a difference between life and death is because the west is the most advance civilization
in human history and it got that why through logic. Death is the natural end of
life death is unavoidable, and although many people try to “heroically” stave
off death for a few days at the very end death is natural. Death is also absolute

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