Biomedicine in the western culture plays a huge role. I see the culture of biomedicine as a collection of trends it follows like the areas of mass production, consumer capitalism, mass media, information technologies, communication technologies, and biotechnologies. Also I see a lot of emphasis the hospital as a symbol and all the different things it means to people. Similarly see the culture of biomedicine revolve around the doctors who practice it. They are given the authority to many things that ordinary citizen cannot like control their patients eating and sleeping along with being able to write prescription medications. Another thing about doctors and the culture of biomedicine is the stressed placed on their training. It is said it is one of the hardest career paths to follow with so much schooling and long hours of work. These doctors learn a lot of science related topics and not just straight healing treatments. This last idea is why I think the biomedicine is important in our culture. With this extra science that these doctors learn they are able to not only health us but enhance us.  

I chose life and death as the dichotomy. It really can be hard in this day and age to know which side of the line of the dichotomy of life and death you are on with technology. Now there are almost different levels of death to choose from. Are they Brain dead? Can the person breathe on their own? Did their heart stop beating?  Personally I think when a person’s heart stops beating any they cease to breathe on their own they or with the help of a ventilator they should be pronounced dead. I think these views have come from a couple different places but most from my family’s views and from the media. I think western society is still trying to define the division of the life and death dichotomy because of all the advances in technology we have today. Some people accept the death of the body as true while others believe death has to take place in the mind.


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