The culture of biomedicine has many different aspects. As stated in lecture, it has two different perspectives. The University perspective states that biomedicine is a direct reflection of nature and is a representation of universal truth. The objectivity perspective states that value, neutral, and autonomous from cultural contexts and human influences. In Western culture, biomedicine primarily reflects on mainly the doctors and anyone in the medical field that has an influence of the patient and their health. Doctors primarily determine how you’re treated.

It might be through placebo effect, medicine, or some type of therapy. No matter what the case, most of the time, its up to the doctor in western culture. The dichotomy that I chose was Male/Female gender. This is a very touchy subject in society today. Many people think that sex is what you’re born with genetically and gender is the actual role that we choose to play within society’s social norms.

Some think thats its just all genetic period and that society does not have an influence. It all depends on how you look at it. Therefore, this subject is very subjective. It takes on the role of both objectivity and university simultaneously. In my opinion, I think that Male/Female is the sex that you are born with and gender is what we adapt to according to society. For example, how do we know if somebody is acting in a boyish or girlyish way? When society sees a girl that plays sports, handles things roughly, or does not have a dainty walk, we consider her as a “Tomboy.” Society considers her a tomboy because there are specific social norms when it comes to the role of a female.

This dichotomy is accepted as true in society because, as you can see, the hot topic of today’s society is homosexuality. If we did not have gender roles of society, homosexuality would not even exist. If everybody strictly was born a male/female and was not told how to act, then your sex would just be your sex. I think these views came from knowing the views of biomedicine from this course and the university aspect of it all.

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