W6 Activity Post Prompt

Title: Pick a global health problem in a specific area to discuss (HIV in Malawi, sexual health in India, infant mortality in China, FGM in the Sudan, etc.)

Body: (300-400 words)

  • Describe the global health problem from your title – what are the origins? What are the cultural, social, political, etc. factors that facilitate it? What are people, governments, NGOs, etc. trying to do to address it? Cite your sources!
  • Identify an anthropologist working in this area and describe their work. Cite the article(s) you are referring to!

Comment: (200-300 words)

  • Pick a post that addresses a different global health issue from you
  • Drawing from the course materials, identify the theory and methods the anthropologist used to address this global health problem.
  • Comment on how you think applying anthropology contributed to a better understanding of this global health problem? Use specific examples.

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Post Due: Friday 8/10

Comment Due: Sunday 8/12

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