Famine in Somalia

In the country of Somalia more than  29,000 children have died last year in 2011. These children deaths were due to malnutrition and a drought according to the news article by Tammie Fields. Children who were under the age of five years old were mostly the targeted group who died. I am not surprised that the famine and drought outbreak mostly affected young children under the age of five because young children have very weak and unstable immune systems. This makes it really hard for young children and babies to fight off diseases and infections without having the proper nutrients. The famine and drought outbreak in Somalia took a harmful and deadly toll on the young children and this outbreak took the lives of many young children. Since Somalia is an extremely poor third world country. They have very limited and little access to medical and food resources. Somalia in essence has no industry and no agricultural system in their country and this makes the production of food hard to come by. Thus, this results in the malnutrition, famine outbreaks and the death of young children n their country.

Politically, there is no law of rule that exists within their country. There also no type of democratic government system that exists for the people. America helps aids Somalia by providing resources that feed, medicate, and help the people of Somalia survive in their country. Since Somalia has no working government or legal system it becomes very dangerous to ship food and resources over to their country because gunfights, face bandits, and militiamen try to rob and kill people to steal their resources. An anthropologists working in this area that was mentioned in the news article “29,000 children dead from famine in Somalia” by Tammie Fields, was named Professor David Himmelgreen. Anthropologist Himmelgreen is a professor at the department of Anthropology at the University of South Florida. Himmelgreen research consists of extensive research in African food production, disease, and nutrition.


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