Global Health and Medical Anthropology


The area of intersection of applied medical anthropology I have chosen to investigate further is Global Health and Medical Anthropology.  I picked this intersection because I feel there is no worthier or more important world wide concern or disparity than Global Health. Personally I feel Global Health is of worldwide concern, we are all in one world and the world’s problems are our problems.  I would like to contribute in a meaningful way to alleviate world hunger, it would alleviate so very many problems throughout the world.  One problem leads to another and another. Hunger leads to poor health which in turn leads to disease. 

If I were younger, I would like to serve in the Peace Corps and work right with the needy around the world helping them one on one.  An anthropological approach in this situation would help because if you understand a culture’s ways and values, you can relate to them in a more meaningful and helpful way.

In the article I have cited, What Can Critical Medical Anthropology Contribute to Global Health, anthropologists have shown the “realities of health disparities and human suffering”.  It points out a very important point in regards to medical anthropologists and global health–they have made the wealthier nations aware of the need to help poorer nations in this regard.  Medical anthropologists take into consideration the cultural practices of people of different ethnicities when recommending treatments and ways of treating people of different cultures from our own.

Certain diseases mentioned in this week’s lecture such as malaria and HIV are global problems that need to be addressed by health professionals all over the world.  Other global health issue’s that were mentioned in the lecture include reproductive health, malnutrition, and infection.  These are everyones concern, globally and here at home. Medical professionals need anthropological training to understand different cultures and the most effective way of treating people of different ethnicities.



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