Global Health

I picked global health because it has to do with the worldwide well-being. It’s the best way to make sure everyone can have the access to healthcare when every need. In lecture 1 its say global permits individuals to connect about health across great distances and this very important. I remember when I was younger to want to be a doctor and being a part of Doctors without borders. Even though I no longer want to be a doctor I still want to travel to different counties and help out any way that I can. Watching the video Dr. Farmer’s Remedy was very inspiring and yet heartbreaking. I am Haitian American and watching the video shows how important global health is.

If I was working for a healthcare provider who is not anthropologist it would be very useful if they did. It’s a great way to know how different cultures understand their bodies and their beliefs. For example the Medical Anthropology” -Tribal Jazzman Scholar, Episode #26 TribalJazzman  in  he talks about a woman from Peru who try stop the spreading of parasites to tribes through water way. She came to the villages and told them to boil their water to kill the parasites in the water and they said yes. Months later many people were still dying because they don’t believe in boiling the water; it had the spirit of the earth in it. Another example is about exchange student from China who came to USA and had been experiencing dizziness, fatigue, and etc. She later diagnosed with   depressive-anxiety disorder and takes her antidepressants for a while the symptoms are under control. She suddenly stops an anthropological consultation finds out why , in china her illness is considered stress related instead of an illness. So they change the name of her illness so she would start taking her medication again.

In the first scenario if an anthropological approach was taken; when the woman had come back it would be good news instead of bad. The second scenario is a great example of how anthropological approach worked.   If a healthcare provider took the   anthropological approach it’s a great way to build doctor and patient relationship.

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