Biological Approach.

In my opinion, all of the approaches mentioned have numerous
benefits to society and should be integrated into one “all-encompassing” approach.  Distinguishing one as being the most helpful in studying health
was difficult.  I believe the most direct and valid approach would be the Biological Approach. Environment can have a profound effect on health. Where you live can determine access to food, healthcare, and overall quality of life.Genetics brings into play predetermined susceptibility to certain diseases and essentially what you are made of and able to withstand. Not to mention that we are only scratching the surface in terms of our understanding of human genetics. Individual choice is also mentioned in the Biological Approach.  The daily choices we make directly affect our health.  Anything from eating a balanced diet and working out to choosing healthy relationships can harm or benefit how healthy we ultimately are. Because of these three cornerstones to the Biological Approach, I have decided that it is most relevant to the study of health.

Disease is considered a clinical diagnosis in which symptoms and irregularities are used to describe a patient’s condition. Illness is more centered around the patient’s experience with abnormal health issues. Illness also takes into account varying social and cultural factors.  Distinguishing the two, based off of these definitions is still complicated and rather difficultto me.

The culture Miner is talking about is American culture.  I picked up on the chopping down of the cherry tree reference and then that was followed with the highly developed market economy reference. I found it to be an interesting read.

The “holy-mouth-men” are representing dentists in America,
which are widely considered, at least socially and medically, “less important”
than doctors. Miner is writing about America’s heightened importance placed on teeth and dental hygiene. Having presentable teeth is symbol of class and
garners admiration in American culture. The latipso cereomonies represent the affordability and accessibility of healthcare in the U.S. for varying economic classes of people.  Essentially, you are treated if you have adequate payment.  If not, often nothing is done for you. This is a fundamental flaw in our healthsystem.  The “listener” is representing
mental health professionals. Miner is referring to our general belief that a large amount of mental health issues stem from our childhood in correlation with our parents. The mental health field continues to evolve but many of it’s practices have acquired numerous skeptics.

Aspiring D.O.

Hey Everybody.  My name is Braxton Anderson.  I graduated last May with a Bachelor’s of Science in Health Studies from MSU.  For the last year I have been working on finishing up my prereqs for medical school. My previous experience in anthropology, besides everyday life, is limited to a few courses I have taken at MSU. I’m taking this course because it’s relevant to what I am pursuing and sounded interesting.

This is a picture of me holding my recently adopted sister from China! This was taken on one of our bus rides through Guangzhou. She just turned 4 years old this weekend. We threw her a Curious George themed birthday party. It was epic.