I would define health as a state of physical and mental well being.  Illness I would define as a physical or mental abnormality that is detrimental to someone’s health.  This kind of leaves a grey area which made sadness hard for me to place into a category.  Sadness itself is normal, but extreme sadness is basically depression which can be detrimental to health and people are treated for it.  The main factors I consider is whether or not it is a normal state, and then if it is bad for you or not.

I would say these ideas have mainly come from school and society.  I have taken quite a few classes that have said similar things.  Also if my definition includes what is normal then I have to take into account the fact that what is considered normal is for the most part a social construct.

The first condition I choose is old age.  I’d say it is not an illness.  It is normal thing most people experience that in the end you cannot really avoid or treat. It may indirectly lead to an illness, but I would not consider it an illness itself.

The next condition is shyness.  I would not consider this to be an illness either.  I’d say it’s a personality trait that is pretty common in some situations.  I have never heard of anyone that was so shy that is was unhealthy.  People that avoid social situations or leaving their home at all costs are usually considered to have phobias of those things and are experiencing debilitating fear.  I consider fear and shyness to be two separate things.

The last condition I choose is migraines.  I would consider this an illness.  People can experience chronic migraines.  They can interfere with going about your daily life.  There are medications that try to deal with them so it is not a normal thing you are expected to live with all the time.

Future Doctor

Hey everybody.  My name is Emily Cox.  I am a senior majoring in Human Biology.  It’s probably obvious, I plan on being a doctor.  I took an introductory anthropology class freshman year to substitute an ISS requirement, but this class actually sounded somewhat interesting so I figured it couldn’t hurt to take it.  Hopefully.

I chose this picture because I got my scuba diving certification through the classes at MSU, and diving in Cozumel was probably one of the coolest things I have ever done.