Biological Approach

I find that of the six approaches to
studying health, the most useful to me is Biological. I chose this
because it entails so much. It takes into account the genetic
disposition of the person/group which helps us to better understand
what is possibly in their future. The environmental component takes
into account what surrounds them everyday and how this can play a
role in one’s health. The last facet, individual choice can encompass
ones social and cultural aspects into their decisions in their daily
life. It seems to be the one concept that involves so many
perspectives and I can use my previous knowledge from my degree to
help me better understand.

I find there to be a difference between
illness and disease. Disease seems to be a testable manifestation
that can be seen or proven. Illnesses seem to be more mental than
physical. I did find this to be slightly easy to decipher between
because of the phrase “Illness without Disease” and “Disease
without Illness”.

The culture that Minor is describing is
American culture. I have read this article before but when I read it
for the very first time I noticed the similarities but did not put
two the two together until after reading it several times. The mouth
rite ritual is one of oral hygiene. In our society, we are consumed
with being and looking healthy. If a person interacts with another
and you smell bad breath or see decaying teeth, that person will have
a harder time interacting with others and are seen as being in the
bottom of social/economical class. The Medicine men that write down
the charms in a different language refers to the doctors prescribing
medicine to their patients. Most people will run to a doctor the
minute they feel the slightest bit sick for medicine instead of
trying to let your body fight it off. Most people take medicine
everyday because they believe they can not live without it. The last
ritual I will discuss is entering the Latipso which is the Hospital.
It is the one place we go when we are too sick to care for ourselves
or loved ones. We send them here because health is our number one
priority in most cases in our society. We see this exhibited everyday
in advertising and there always being some new product to improve the
quality of life.

Pageant Princess

        Hello! My name is Danielle Jackson and
I am a senior majoring in Human Biology with a minor in Dance. I am
very excited about taking this class. I have taken an Anthropology
class before titled Women and Health and loved it so now I am taking
this as my final elective and final class for undergrad. I am a Michigan native and  recently moved to St. Louis, Missouri to prepare for graduate school at
Washington University in St. Louis to obtain a degree in Physical
Therapy. My goal is to combine physical therapy with dance one day in the future.

 The picture I have attached is from my
most recent pageant in Michigan. I chose this picture because I
always dreamed of competing in pageants when I was younger but was
never able to so. Three years ago I learned about the Miss America
Scholarship pageants and competed to scratch another item off of my
bucket list. I grew to love every aspect of the competition
especially the volunteer work. It allowed me to create my own program
for disadvantage youth and become a mentor. Pageants have added so
much value to my life and is now a large portion of who I am today!