Recent grad and aspiring graphic designer

My name is Ahreum Jung, just graduated this past spring as a creative advertising major with a specialization in Asian studies. I’m taking this summer class because I am interested in cultural Anthropology.

I have taken a couple Anthro classes before this, and thoroughly enjoyed taking them. The first class was a culture, health, and illness anthro class which discussed different interpretations of what physical, mental, and emotional illnesses mean and signify in all different parts of the world. The second one was a course on Asian communities, discovering and understanding Asian diasporas outside of Asia, a topic that hits close to home.

I went to NY for a creative week for aspiring designers about a month ago, and got to meet Fabio at a party. Everything that you’ve heard about him or assumed about him is TRUE. He’s one of the nicest people, does not age, and his hair smells great.