I chose the biological approach to be the most useful in studying health. I feel that a persons or group of people’s genetic makeup is very important to one’s health. I think genetic is important when talking about disease and health. Also I think that the environment that a person or a group of people reside in very important to how one lives their life and what factors they are exposed to because of the environment they live in and the choices they make because of that environment.

Disease is the physical expression of a sickness causing abnormal function of the body. Illness is the how a person responds to the disease and how they understand the sickness to be inside their body. I think it not that obvious to me the distinction between the two. I think I have a hard time seeing the difference. I still feel like both disease and illness are ways of saying how the sickness is disrupting the body’s normal function.

Miner is writing about the American culture in the Nacerima article. I realized this toward the end of the article but the whole time I kept thinking of the similarities between the Nacirema and America. I just thought the current American culture borrowed their ideas which would have been easy since right off the bat it states they were from North America but just more prevalent at an earlier time in history.

One of the rituals described was the holy mouth man who is obviously the dentist who you should see twice a year. Also with the bundle of hog hairs that is inserted into the mouth and moved around is another part of the dentistry practice of brushing ones teeth with a toothbrush daily. Another ritual that caught my attention was having a separate practitioner known as the listener. I thought of this person to be a psychologist. I also liked how he made the whole mothers bewitching their children. I saw that as having mother issues and thought was smart to address it like that. Also Miner talks about the ritual to change a person’s weight and breast size just like how we in the American culture who are obsessed with the same ideas do the same with cosmetic surgery.

Old Age

I believe health to be a sense of wellbeing and having an absence of disease. Health is having a fully functioning body in the context of the physical and the mental sense. My deciding factors for health would be if the physical body was absent of any sickness, pain, injury and if the mental function was fully capable of working appropriately. My definition of illness would be the absence of health. I think my deciding factors for illness are if the physical or mental part of the body is experiencing pain, injury, infection or other unwanted symptoms leaving the body in distress.

I think my ideas of health and illness come from mostly conversations with friends and family about their thoughts on health and illness in their personal lives and what their health career related jobs have taught them. Also I think I have been exposed to a lot of health and illness topics from the media. Mostly from the television shows and the news. Personally I think my perceptions of health and illness are influence by both my personal conversation and the influence of the media in today’s world.

Old age was the hardest condition from the list to classify. I ended up stating that it was not an illness because I don’t see it as sickness but as a part of life and just a normal function of the body, but according to my own definition of illness I think I should categorize as illness because of my deciding factors. I also placed menstruation on the not an illness list. I think menstruation is another normal bodily function of a normal healthy human body. I classified cancer as an illness. I think that it is because cancer can cause the body physical damage, pain and other unwanted symptoms. Cancer will stop the normal functions of the properly working body and could cause death. That is why in my opinion the cancer is an illness.

I live in the EB

Hi my name is Jessica Russell. I just changed my major from Mechanical Engineering to Chemical Engineering. There is a little running joke that all us engineering students “live” in the Engineering Building. Well it’s true. Im probably in what we call the “EB”  6 to 7 days a week. Technically I am a senior but now that I just switched I have a little less than 2 years until I granduate now.

Originally I am from California and I came to Michigan ten years ago. I  miss the great weather year round and being able to go outside and play sports anytime of the years but I have learned to appreciate having all four seasons now. I always think if my California friends could see me now shoveling show off my car haha.

I have no real experience in anthropology. This is my first class. I am taking this class because this is a topic that interests me. Also Im considering medical school after graduation. I hope to learn a lot from this course.

This is a picture of me and my little brother. We are really close. He just got back from a military school  where he just graduated two weeks ago and so I haven’t gotten to see him much over the last year. This picture was from one of his visits. Im so glad he is back. I missed him a lot while he was gone.