Newly Wedded

I am Amanda Williams.  I am a junior here and am just transferring back from LCC.  I attended MSU for a year in 2005/2006 and didn’t do too well.  I decided to transfer to LCC and to only attend school part time.  Now that I am done with everything I can take at LCC to get my ready for the Bachelors program at MSU I am returning and this time I am going back to full time status.  Last October I was married and we are taking our honeymoon at the end of this month.  My husband and I are going to Italy for seven days.  (Of course I had to go and schedule it during our fifth week in this semester)

I have taken one anthropology class at LCC, equivalent to ANP 201 here and loved it!  I decided on majoring in anthropology when I was denied entry to the nursing program at LCC last year and realized I needed a backup.  I knew I needed to get a bachelor degree in something and this was what I was closest to.  Plus it helps that I find anthropology to be greatly interesting.

As for my picture; it is my wedding day.  I decided on this picture because it was a large step taken in my life and I made it through.  I was insanely nervous and could hardly stand up on my own!