Newly Wedded

I am Amanda Williams.  I am a junior here and am just transferring back from LCC.  I attended MSU for a year in 2005/2006 and didn’t do too well.  I decided to transfer to LCC and to only attend school part time.  Now that I am done with everything I can take at LCC to get my ready for the Bachelors program at MSU I am returning and this time I am going back to full time status.  Last October I was married and we are taking our honeymoon at the end of this month.  My husband and I are going to Italy for seven days.  (Of course I had to go and schedule it during our fifth week in this semester)

I have taken one anthropology class at LCC, equivalent to ANP 201 here and loved it!  I decided on majoring in anthropology when I was denied entry to the nursing program at LCC last year and realized I needed a backup.  I knew I needed to get a bachelor degree in something and this was what I was closest to.  Plus it helps that I find anthropology to be greatly interesting.

As for my picture; it is my wedding day.  I decided on this picture because it was a large step taken in my life and I made it through.  I was insanely nervous and could hardly stand up on my own!

Future Nurse

Hello everyone! My name is Lindsey Kingston. I am entering my senior year here at Michigan State. I’m majoring in IDS – Health and Society with two specializations: Health Promotion and Bioethics, Humanities & Society. After I graduate, I plan on furthering my education in an accelerated nursing program. I recently just changed my major to IDS, so this summer I am trying to catch up by taking 18 credits (crazy, I know). Along with taking classes this summer, I’m working in retail and volunteering at a nursing home. My interests include playing tennis, going to football games, tailgating, and spending time with family and friends. I have never had any experience with anthropology courses, but I’m currently enrolled in ANP 201 this session as well. I actually dropped one of my classes this session to take ANP 204, after receiving an email from an advisor. Medical anthropology seems like it could be very interesting, and I am looking forward to it.

Tailgating! I’m on the left.

Cardiologist to-be

Hi my name is Danuelle Calloway and I am a Senior, Human Biology major. My goal is to go to medical school to study the heart and work with medically undeserved areas. I decided to take this class because I have a specialization in Global Public Health and Epidemiology and I thought it would go very well with some of the previous knowledge that I have. I am very excited to learn more about anthropology and different cultures for sure. One of the things that I would love to be able to do is spend lots and lots of time traveling and hopefully this winter I will be going to Venezuela for a month. It is for this is the reason that I choose a picture of an airplane. To symbolize my passion for traveling and future aspirations to do so.

Waiting to Explore

Hey, everyone! My name is Amanda and I am a super senior. In December, I will be graduating with a B.A. in Anthropology. After that, I am thinking about joining the Peace Corps so that I can do some international traveling and make a difference in the world at the same time. If anyone has any experience with the Peace Corps or knows someone who participated, please share your stories! From there, I would live to live on the east coast. I fell in love with scenery and weather a few summers ago and cannot wait to return. I also love big cities so being closer to NYC would be a huge bonus.

I took this class because I haven’t taken any courses related to medicine during my time at MSU. I look forward to learning about this branch of anthropology as well as new issues I had not considered before.

The photo I chose to share (of me, my older sister, and my mom) is from a cruise we took during Spring Break ’11. We visited the Canaan Islands and Cozumel, Mexico. I absolutely love traveling because I think other cultures are fascinating and I enjoy experiencing new things. Aside from my passion for traveling, I value family. My mom and sis are my very best friends. We’re inseparable!

Future Librarian

Hi Everyone!

My name is Dani Michele Weinman.  I graduated in May with a major in history, philosophy, and sociology of science from the Lyman Briggs College and a minor in anthropology.  I am taking this class as a continuing education student so that I can keep my job on campus.  In August I will be moving to Champaign, IL to attend University of Illinois for graduate school.  The degree I will be receiving is a master’s degree in library and information science.  My ultimate goal is to be a children’s librarian, working in either a grade school or public library.

I minored in anthropology so I have taken a lot of anthropology classes including ANP 201, 202, 203, 320, 370, 411, and 422.  This is my second online anthropology class; I took ANP 201 online with Taz last summer.

This is a picture of the library I did an internship at last summer.  I got to work directly with their youth librarian to learn about everything that goes into the job.  I got to supervise youth programs, create records, and read grant submissions among many other things.  It was such a fun experience!

Florida Girl

Hello Everyone my name is Christin Tideau and I am junior soon to be soon. My major is Interdisciplinary Studies  Health and Society with a concentration in Psychology. I was born and raised in Florida but got a scholarship and decided to go to Michigan State.

This not my first anthropology class its my fourth one so you might say I really like anthropology.I am taking this class because my advisor wrote me and told this class can count for my major.

Miami Beach one of my favorite beaches to go to.

Recent grad and aspiring graphic designer

My name is Ahreum Jung, just graduated this past spring as a creative advertising major with a specialization in Asian studies. I’m taking this summer class because I am interested in cultural Anthropology.

I have taken a couple Anthro classes before this, and thoroughly enjoyed taking them. The first class was a culture, health, and illness anthro class which discussed different interpretations of what physical, mental, and emotional illnesses mean and signify in all different parts of the world. The second one was a course on Asian communities, discovering and understanding Asian diasporas outside of Asia, a topic that hits close to home.

I went to NY for a creative week for aspiring designers about a month ago, and got to meet Fabio at a party. Everything that you’ve heard about him or assumed about him is TRUE. He’s one of the nicest people, does not age, and his hair smells great. 

Finally Going To Graduate

Hi everyone. My name is Steve Papalas. I am a fifth year senior here at Michigan State. At first I was a Mechanical Engineering student but then I changed to an Economics major half way through my junior year. Needless to say I had some catching up to do since hardly any of my past credits transferred to my new found major. I have dabbled in many of wonderful courses that this university has had to offer including a few anthropology classes. The anthropology classes I have taken were pretty interesting so I decided to take two more this summer. It also helps that theses classes fulfill my arts & letters requirements for my Economics degree. After this summer, I have one class in the fall and then I will finally be graduated. It has taken a little longer than expected, but it has been a great ride.


I used this picture of TPC Sawgrass because it is one if my favorite golf courses and I was able to play there this summer. That was an experience I will never forget.

I live in the EB

Hi my name is Jessica Russell. I just changed my major from Mechanical Engineering to Chemical Engineering. There is a little running joke that all us engineering students “live” in the Engineering Building. Well it’s true. Im probably in what we call the “EB”  6 to 7 days a week. Technically I am a senior but now that I just switched I have a little less than 2 years until I granduate now.

Originally I am from California and I came to Michigan ten years ago. I  miss the great weather year round and being able to go outside and play sports anytime of the years but I have learned to appreciate having all four seasons now. I always think if my California friends could see me now shoveling show off my car haha.

I have no real experience in anthropology. This is my first class. I am taking this class because this is a topic that interests me. Also Im considering medical school after graduation. I hope to learn a lot from this course.

This is a picture of me and my little brother. We are really close. He just got back from a military school  where he just graduated two weeks ago and so I haven’t gotten to see him much over the last year. This picture was from one of his visits. Im so glad he is back. I missed him a lot while he was gone.

One more year!!

Hey guys!

My name is Rachel Kozma. This year will be my final year at Michigan State, as I am entering my  senior year. I started college thinking I was going to get a nursing degree, but quickly decided that wasn’t for me. So now, I am majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies with a focus on Health and Society.

I don’t have much experience in the field of anthropology. I’ve taken one class my sophomore year, and really enjoyed it. I got an e-mail from my councelor about this class, and thought it would be very interesting. Plus, I would like to one day work within the medical field, and medical anthropology goes right along with it!


My family and I love to travel, and we recently went the the Domincan Republic