My definition of health would be someone who doesn’t suffer during most days of their life.  I would consider myself to be a healthy person even though I may get the flu or migraine from time to time.  Overall, I am blessed with my health, the love of my family, and the people that surround me.  To me, the word illness automatically makes me think of the suffering of not only one person but the people surrounding that same person.  I grew up in a nice neighborhood and I have been very fortunate throughout my childhood and young adulthood.  I believe the environment you grow up in has a huge impact on how you define health and illness.

In the lecture, I found it very interesting that ADHD was mentioned.  I can say that I do not have ADHD but my sister does and she lives a very happy life.  She may sometimes struggle staying focused at school, but I do not think that it constitutes an illness.  I suffer from migraines.  However, I get them four or five times a year and I am only out of commission for 1-2 days and I am not suffering.  I do believe, however, that there are those people that have chronic migraines and cannot find relief without medications and treatment; maybe that would constitute an illness.  For those men and women who go through chemotherapy and those that suffer from debilitating disease, those factors don’t only affect the person who experiences the illness, but also all of his or her loved ones.

As you can probably see, I am walking a fine line between what I believe to be an illness and what I believe to be healthy.  I think that it is a grey area.  I watched a video a couple weeks ago that featured a 17 year-old boy who was dying from a rare type of bone cancer.  I would say that he was ill because he was in pain and his death was inevitable but the boy had the most amazing outlook on life.  His optimism and his attitude could light up a room.  I am sure that one could argue that this boy wasn’t at all ill because, perhaps, his mind was healthy all along.

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