W1 Activity Post Prompt

This is based on the Illness Activity so complete that first…

Title: From the activity – based on your worldview, some conditions were obviously illnesses, while others weren’t. However, there may have been a few that were hard to decide on – choose one of them as your title (e.g. “Depression” or “Migraines”)

Body: (300 words)

  • Share your definitions of health and illness – what were the deciding factors?
  • Try to explain where you think these ideas came from – society, the media, family, personal experience, school, etc.
  • Pick two of the conditions from the list (including the one from your title) and explain your thought process on determining whether or not it should be considered an “illness”

Comment: (200 words)

  • Pick a post with a condition you didn’t analyze in your own post.
  • Do some research and explain how that condition is perceived and treated in other cultures.

Category: “W1 Activity”

Post Due: Friday 7/5

Comment Due: Sunday 7/7



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