W1 Reflection Post Prompt

Title: Which of the six approaches do you think will be most useful to you in studying health? (e.g. “ethnomedical”)

Body: (300 words)

  • Explain why you chose to write about that approach
  • What is the distinction between disease and illness and is it obvious to you? Why or why not?
  • Explain which culture Miner is talking about in the Nacerima article and when you realized this.
  • Pick two rituals described in the Nacerima article and explain the kinds of values and ideologies they represent about health/medicine in the Nacerima culture.

Comment: (200 words)

  • Pick a post with a different approach than yours in their title.
  • The Nacerima article was written over 50 years ago – read though the rituals your classmate analyzed and discuss if and how you could update them to represent current health values and ideologies.

Category: “W1 Reflection”

Post Due: Friday 7/5

Comment Due: Sunday 7/7

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  1. J. Brodie Timms-Fryer says:

    Reading again through the part of the holy-mouth-men, it does seems somewhat ridiculous but it almost lends itself to being a cause other than an obscure cure for mouth ailments. I cannot say I see much of it as being a torture in today’s America, but maybe even back then a lack of anesthetics could make it seem that way.
    I find it almost hard to argue against this seemingly bizarre practice but even once or twice a year does not come off a such an imperative while the daily ‘hog hair’ cleaning may make it so. I really cannot reconcile the satire here just because maybe it’s so ingrained in myself to take care of my mouth. While a part of me believes it’s in my best interest to brush my teeth, is it really structurally sound to do so? Am I just staving off bad breath and a yellow smile or am I ensuring that I have functioning teeth to eat and survive? Or both?
    I see no reason to update these values in anyway save for being less critical. It’s aesthetically pleasing to have good mouth care and I want to believe it also a sign of good health. However, if were just for aesthetics I do not think I would stop anyway; the holy-mouth-men have won.

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