The definitions I came up with were the following”

Health: A set of criteria that determines whether body and mind are in a good or bad condition.

Illness: A state in which an organism’s body and mind are negatively affected due to a disorder and requires medicine to relieve the distress.

When determining my definition for health, I thought about all of the various considerations that deems one healthy or not. For example, someone who is skinny is not always the healthiest person. Working out, eating right and a clear mental state all contribute to being healthy. Also, not being sick is contributing factor to determine if someone is healthy or not. All of these factors contribute to deciding if an individual is healthy, hence my definition.

Defining illness was a little more challenging. My perception of illness involves both mind and body, and whether or not they are functioning normally. If they are not, then I consider the person to be ill, and that is usually brought on my some disorder. Also, if someone is ill, I assume they need some sort of medicine in order to relieve the symptoms brought on by this disorder. These thought processes are what led to my definition.

I believe my personal experience and the media played a heavy role in forming my definitions. In defining health, I think the media has started addressing what it is to be really healthy and not just skinny. My siblings are both five and six and I have noticed that on their television shows, they promote good eating and daily exercise. Also, from personal experience, I’ve noticed that having a mental ailment like ADHD has become more accepted then it might have once been. This influenced adding both body and mind in my description for illness.

Anxiety, for me, was challenging for me to determine whether it was to be consider an illness or not. Based on my definition, I determined that it was an illness because it is a state in which the mind of an organism is negatively affected. It can also result in fatigue and other body issues. Uncomfortable situations cause a disorder within the mind that result in fear, worry or nervousness. However, based on my definition, in order to be an illness, it needs medicine to be relieved. That is only true in some cases where more severe anxiety is present.

Deciding whether spirit possession was an illness or not was an interesting thought process. I ultimately decided it was not based on the guidelines set out by my definition. Foremost, it would not be an illness according to my definition because treatment of the possessed is addressed by religion and not medicine. It is also hard to call it an illness because the person themselves isn’t experiencing negative effects to their body and mind since technically they are not present but possessed as a whole by another entity.

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