Bug Girl

My name is Madison Ahmad, going into my 3rd year at MSU with a double major in Biology and Entomology (the study of insects). I love bugs, and one day my dad decided to start calling me bug girl, hence the title.

That being said I’ve chosen to keep my interest in our 6+ legged creatures a hobby for now, and am pursuing a career in forensic pathology. My dad is a medical malpractice lawyer and has steered me away from working with the living. I’ve also been working with a few pathologists and have found a passion for it.

Ironically enough I’m working in a plant pathology lab and have recently been given control of a research project concerning the cucurbit crops of Michigan and a plant pathogen called downy mildew. So it is basically my mission to stop this pathogen from killing our cucumbers and pickles.

I have a hamster named Padawan, three tadpoles (Luke, Leia, and Anakin), and a praying mantis named Admiral Ackbar. I will soon have a pet tarantula which I will name Queen Amidala. Yes, I enjoy Star Wars.

Other things I enjoy: Reading, working, researching, video games, biking, science, Queen, Billy Joel, Led Zeppelin, Quentin Tarantino, etc.

I took Great Discoveries of Archeology with Ethan Watrall, which is why I’m taking this class. He was all about this site and online activities which, evidently, convinced me to take this course because it seemed interesting to me.

This picture is of Admiral Ackbar eating a cricket around the time I first got her when she was a teenager without her wings. She’s a dead leaf mantis, so she looks like a dead leaf. She’s awesome.


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  1. Zack says:

    Admiral Ackbar is the coolest! That is great that you are double majoring, I thought Human Bio was a lot on its own! My dad is an attorney also he has influenced me away from such job too.

  2. Angela Palmer says:

    Goodness, you’re interesting. I’m glad we have woman out there who like bugs. I like bugs too. But I have to say you are extra brave with the tarantula. Eek. I’m minoring in German as well as majoring in Human Biology, I’m now a super senior because of all the schedule crunching. You’re awesome, good luck!

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