Gap-Year Alex

Hey everyone!

My name is Alex Chavez-Yenter, I’m currently a Senior, and this is the last class separating me from completing my degree in Human Biology.  I have, however, already completed a minor in Spanish in my time here at State and am currently in the process of applying to medical school.  As the title suggests, I am taking a gap-year before medical school to get out and enjoy myself to the fullest with plans to do lots of traveling and biking.

Last Fall I wrote a research paper on the role of traditional medicine in rural Peru for one of my classes and really enjoyed researching the anthropological aspects that surround health care in rural communities.  I didn’t have any anthropology background writing the paper and would like to build a more solid foundation in anthropology as I fine tune the research that I will be attempting to get published in the next year.

The picture I included was taken a couple weeks ago during my trip to Seattle.  I was lucky enough to get great weather while I was there!


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