The Flu

I would describe someone who is healthy as being free from pathogens and any form of illness in addition to not being harmed by other environmental factors such as pollution, toxins, etc. Being healthy also includes having enough food, water, sleep, and other nutrients. I define being ill  as having some kind of disease or some kind of psychological disorder. I think that school (specifically high school) mostly influenced how I define what being healthy means because we learned in biology about the causes of various diseases and genetic disorders that would obviously harm the person physically, making them not healthy. The second part of my definition comes not only from my biology class but from my health class as well. In the health class, we learned about a psychological theory called Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, and it describes the importance of having things like food, water, etc. How I define what being ill means probably comes from society and the media. This is because of how the word illness is used on TV or how people use it in general conversation.


The first condition I choose was the flu. I think it should be considered an illness since a person who has the flu has a specific infectious disease,  and this would mean it would qualify as an illness under my definition. I think most people would consider the flu to be an illness even if their definition differs from mine because of its obvious cause.


The second condition I choose was insomnia. I believe this one is not as easy to categorize as the flu because insomnia can have many different causes. In addition to this, it is not a disease (although it can be caused by one) and it is not always a psychological disorder. So, for the most part, it does not seem to be an illness at least according to how I define an illness.

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