Old Age

The definitions I came up with for health and illness are simply what’s “normal” and “abnormal” respectively in terms of the biological and psychological components of life. Some major ideas I keep in mind when dealing with these two terms are personally what I know to be normal, coming from the things I’ve learned in school. Also the amount of knowledge from person to person concerning normality within the human anatomy varies throughout society, so keeping that in mind is another large factor when discussing health and illness (Otherwise we probably wouldn’t be having this topic as an activity post). For example many of us college students have taken classes that point out many normal anatomical features that could potentially become abnormal, along with the mechanisms that trigger the abnormality, whereas other less fortunate people many not have been exposed to that knowledge so their idea of “normal” and “abnormal” could vary.

The two conditions I picked to analyze are anxiety and old age. Anxiety, to me, is an illness because it’s considered biologically and psychologically not normal, even though many people suffer from it. The abnormality could be caused from many things with an example being a decreased number of neurotransmitters making it to neurons in the brain which may evoke this disorder/feeling and could be considered a physiological dysfunction. As for old age, I do not believe this is an illness. Although many abnormalities could come about along with old age, to me aging is a normal biological process that everyone will experience, whether they like it or not. Those are just my thoughts though on these two conditions and I definitely can see how an opinion might change throughout different societies.

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