My definition of health is alive and well, without anything harmful in your body or that inhibits daily life.  This idea came from a combination of society , family and personal experience.  In society health is portrayed as clean and pure, free from any toxins. In my family it is considered healthy if you can do everything you usually do in your daily life. In my own personal experience I feel as though if you feel okay and then you probably are okay.

Sadness can be considered an illness after a certain point of depression. Once the sadness becomes harmful to a person and it hinders daily activity then I would consider it an illness.  Sadness can cause neurological impairment, where people cannot concentrate on tasks. It can also effect sleep and eating patterns, which can be harmful and cause lasting problems hinder daily life.  They can also experience mood swings and this can cause prevent them from doing thing like going to school or work. They can also experience constant aches and pains which can make doing simple things like walking around seem like and impossible feat. All of this makes me think at after sadness interferes with daily life it can be considered an illness.

I also think that anxiety could be considered an illness. Chronic anxiety can be detrimental to a person’s well being. It can cause pain and nausea so you cannot function the way would normal. It also comes with stress and possible depression.  There is also the possibility to have anxiety attacks which causes shortness of breath, trembling, panic and chest pains. If this is left untreated then it can be very harmful to you. Some people live in constant fear and in worry and stress because the constant anxiety. To me this makes me consider anxiety and illness.

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