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Hello Everyone,

My name is Amanda. I am a senior majoring in Human Biology also minoring in Russian Studies. I will be graduating in December. This summer is fun filled with classes, job hunting and figuring out my plan for life. It is very exciting but a little nerve wracking. I have never taken an anthropology class before but my adviser recommended it. However, I am really looking forward to learning the anthropological side of medicine.Travelling is one of my favorite things to do and I hoping to go to more places after I become a real person with a career. My picture is of Bora Bora. I love everything about the ocean and this is my number one place to experience.



Bungalows sur l'eau, Intercontinental Bora Bora Le Moana Resort

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  1. kinterme says:

    Hi Amanda, my name is Meghan Kinter. My major is human biology as well and I love the picture from Bora Bora, I hope to go there one day too!

  2. reidrya2 says:

    Hey Amanda, my name is Ryan. Very nice picture of Bora Bora, that too is one of my top 20 places I want to visit at some point in my life. I love to travel as well, for spring break next year I’m planning on going to Belize to a friend’s place, any chance I have at getting out and about, i take it!

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