Hey guys, I’m Moe Aqel, a senior at MSU graduating in December! I’m almost there. Im majoring in human biology and deciding to go into medical sales soon and hopefully come back for my grad years. I have never taken any anthropology course in my history here at MSU but so far it seems like its going to be a fun class. I’m taking it really because it is next on my list of classes to finish so I can get that degree! Really looking forward to this class and working on that final project which seems pretty nice once its all done. Ive never got to do much of this type of work so id say Im pretty excited.

One thing that I really like to do is go up north and relax at our cottage when I finally have time once I am able to get away from school and work. This summer im working full time so its pretty hard to get that free time and enjoy it. But definitely love being out there on the lake and out doors. Nothing better.

Wish everyone a good start to this semester and hopefully all of you are hype for this class this summer as it should be nice and smooth!

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