My personal defintitions of health and illness are as follows: Health- is ones state of physical and emotional well being and being able to complete activies of daily life. Illness- not feeling normal or like yourself. The deciding factor is that health is not just physical it is emotional as well; many people are mentally ill but are physically fine. I also wanted to add the being able to complete the activities of daily life in because I feel as though that is important to ones health being able to complete tasks such as eating/drinking/bathing/etc.  My definitions are probably influenced the greatest by my schooling. I have had many psychology, anatomy, and biology classes that have gone over the defintions of health. Another influence on my definitions is my family. With many nurses, respiratory therapists, and physician assistants in my family I have been exposed to the healthcare field and many definitions of health and illness since elementary school.

The two topics I chose were Anxiety and HIV. I consider severe anxiety an illness. My thought process behind this is that many people suffering from severe anxiety can’t even eat which is an acitivity of daily life. If one cannot eat it can quickly become detrimental to their health. Also someone with anxiety is not feeling like themselves mentally during an episode, therefore according to my personal definition I would consider anxiety to be an illness.

The other topic I chose was HIV. HIV attacks your bodies immune system leaving it defenseless against other pathogens. Without an immune system it is nearly impossible to stay healthy (unless you lived in a bubble). The symptoms of HIV include rashes, fever, nausea, etc.  all of which are not “feeling like yourself”.  That is why I consider HIV not only a diease but an illness as well.

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