I defined health as being a total state of biological, psychological, and social wellbeing. I defined illness as lacking a healthy biological, psychological and/or social wellbeing. I chose those three deciding factors because I believe that when those three are in sync with one another one can have the highest health potential. These ideas primarily come from my learning in school of how the body and mind work and how outside factors affect them both. In the first summer session I took Health Psychology that put a lot of emphasis on the Biopsychosocial model. In this class is where I really learned how these three factors really affect an individual’s health. I also feel that personal choice has a lot to do with health. But as personal choice plays a huge role, education can influence personal choice. Public and private schools in the United States are required to teach some sort of health and physical education curriculum. With that, students learn healthy behaviors and which behaviors are considered health risk behaviors.

From the list of conditions, I chose shyness and anxiety. With my definition, some may analyze shyness and feel it is an illness when it comes to the social factor. I view shyness as a personality trait, just as outgoingness and optimism are. As shyness may not be an illness, I think anxiety is. If a shy individual is put into a highly interactive social environment, they may experience a bit of anxiety. I few of my very close friends and family members have generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). When they face their anxiety attacks they are affected biologically (blood pressure, etc.), psychologically, and many times socially when they are unable to control it. They are prescribed medication to assist in handling all of these things. I feel that anxiety is commonly argued as to whether or not it is an illness. Accordingly to my definition of health and illness, it indeed is a type of illness.

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