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Hello, my name is Breanna Block. I am currently a Junior Kinesiology here at MSU. I hope to one day become a registered Occupational Therapist. Unfortunately, I have absolutely no experience in anthropology, but took this course because of encouragement from my sister and also because it is a requirement. So far I am glad I did, it seems like it will be a really interesting course! I am currently at my cottage on Littlefield lake, MI so I decided to use a picture of a lake. This has been similar to my view for the last month, so you can see why I absolutely love this place, and am so happy I got to spend the summer here! I am also a huge family person, so this has been a great week for me because all my family, including the newest addition to the family (my 7 week old niece Grey:) ), got together for the 4th. I have been reading some of the posts and noticed there are some neuroscience fans out there. I too am a neuroscience geek, although I have to admit I don’t know much about the field, so I guess that makes me an aspiring neuroscience geek. I actually just finished up a biological psychology class last week, which was so interesting! I actually would love to try do something in the neuro field as an OT eventually.

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  1. Rei Gjeci says:

    Hi Breanna, my name is Rei and your post caught my attention because I also plan on pursuing a career in OT. Once I am finished at MSU, I plan to attend graduate school and eventually become an Occupational Therapist. I also love your picture of the lake. I enjoy being outdoors especially in the summer time and being out on the water is one of my favorite things. I also think it is great that you have a lot of interest in neuroscience. It is such a tough and important topic and I respect your big passion for it. I hope we will get to talk more during the course and hope you enjoy the summer with your family!

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