When studying issues dealing with health concerns, I believe the Biological or Physical approach would be the most useful. I chose this approach because it looks at an individual and how it relates to a disease or illness.It includes genetic drift, natural selection, and genetic differences. It also deals with the evolution of man so we can study how disease or illness has also evolved through out time.

The difference between illness and disease can get a little confusing. Illness happens to and is a part of every human being. A disease is based more on an individual level. It includes and depends on factors such as behavior as well as the environment around you.

In the article about the Nacerima, Miner is talking about Americans. I knew this right off the bat, but only because I have had to read this article before. First off, Nacerima spelled backwards is American so that was a hint right there. Miner talks about a ritual where an individual alone enters into this one room that every household has at least once a day. They enter into a box that is attached to the wall, a medicine cabinet, and take out a bundle of hog hairs that are to be inserted in the mouth. The Narcerimas believe that if this tradition is broken, then their teeth will fall out and the will be considered ugly to the rest of the community. This is describing how we brush our teeth everyday to prevent gum disease and prevent our teeth from falling out. The other ritual that I found interesting, and relating to the first tradition is visiting the “holy-mouth-man” once or twice a year. When your there, you get jabbed in the mouth by sharp instruments. This of course, describing a dentist, helps to stop decay and to attract friends concluding that if you do not visit the dentist, then nobody will want to be around you. Although I have read this article once before, it was interesting to read it again because it looks at Americans in a different perspective then what we are all used to.

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  1. whitsel2 says:

    Hi Cheyenne,

    I agree that the biological approach is very valuable because genetics play a major role in many diseases. The biological approach would help clinicians learn why some ethnic groups are more susceptible to certain diseases than others. Also, the biological approach can assist in identifying the cause of many diseases. I do not believe there is a best approach to studying health because all six approaches are required to accurately study and understand health.

    The mouth-rite can be revised by stating that personal hygiene is very important in the American culture. Americans place many emphases on a clean mouth; therefore Americans are taught at a very young age how to take care of their mouth. Americans use a tooth brush and tooth paste to brush their teeth. The tooth paste contains chemicals that cleans and protects the teeth from decay. Americans that have missing or rotten teeth, and bad breath are considered unattractive in the American society. The ritual that described visiting the holy-mouth-man can be revised by stating that Americans go to the dentist at least once a year to get their teeth cleaned and corrected. These rituals reveal the significance of appearance in the American culture.

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