Biological Approach

I chose the biological approach. I chose this approach mainly because of my firm belief in natural selection and my background in biology. I believe the biologically each person is different in their bodies reaction to disease and illness. For example, some people have stronger immune systems than others. Based on these unique biological differences each patient should be considered and treated uniquely to how their body responds to the disease or illness.

The distinction between disease and illness is not completely obvious to me, because it is not exactly black and white. Illness can be perceived as different definitions depending on the culture. What we may consider and illness others may not. I believe a disease is something can be clinically proven and is agreed upon amongst multiple cultures.

Miner`s article about the Nacirema culture seemed to be discussing the  American culture. I realized this with the reference of George Washington. I found the holy mouth men ritual the most interesting, because of my specific interest in becoming a dentist. This ritual of going to the dentist proves an interesting point of how far we will go to look appealing, so that we are accepted socially by others. They explained it as the “arrest decay and to draw friends”. They basically are saying to look good and you will attract other good looking people so be socially accepted. Social status is always a huge emphasis in our American culture. The other ritual I found intriguing was their visits to psychiatrists. They seemed to put people in the medical profession on a huge pedistool, as we see today. Their culture almost worshiped doctors because they could cure their illnesses and make them better once again. These people would pay large amounts of money for medications that they barely knew anything about. These doctors were most likely seen to be so great because they could give them the looks and tools to be socially accepted. It seems these people would pay any amount of money if the doctor said it would work.

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