Hi, my name is Aaron Schmidt, I’m majoring in human biology, and this summer is the last summer before I finish undergrad.  I don’t have any experience with anthropology classes, but I am an EMT in Lansing, so I am involved with the health care system every day I work.  My adviser said this class is good for pre-Physician Assistant students, so I decided to sign up for it.



This pictue is of one of our ambulances at Mercy Ambulance.  I’ve been working there for almost a couple years.  Being an EMT has made me want to go onto something more, so I decided I would become a Physician Assistant a couple of years ago.

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  1. Josh Hartwig says:

    Hi Aaron I am an ERT at my job for GM and we train at the LFD tower off of pennsylvania. I find your job interesting and appreciate what you do. Also I took an Anatomy class at LCC last year with a girl that also worked for mercy she had dark short hair and I think she had some peircings. (Nose I believe) Didn’t know if you know her? I just can’t remember her name off the top of my head.

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