The definitions I decided for health and illness are as follows: Health is a state of physical well-being with an absence of both illness and disease. Illness is what or how a person feels physically, psychologically,and mentally. When deciding how to define illness and health, I allowed society and my personal experiences to be the determining factors.

Based on previous experiences I believe that a person is healthy when his/her body organs are properly functioning, allowing one to complete daily tasks. However, I believe that illness is based on subjective experiences. These ideas were a result of family, personal experiences, and society. Health and illness varies between individuals, families, and cultural groups so how society defines these things can play a major role in how an individual perceives them.

The two conditions I have decided to discuss are infertility and sadness. It was very difficult for me to label infertility as an illness due to the fact that it can be considered either good or bad depending on the cultural group. After hearing the correct definition, I decided that infertility is in fact an illness. Infertility is a result of a physical alternation in ones health and it can be caused by several things. An individual that is dealing with infertility may feel as if something is wrong with their body and may be afraid of how society may react to this “illness.” If society rejects infertility and labels it an illness, this will affect one’s perception and experience causing them to believe that something abnormal is happening to their body. However, in my opinion sadness is not a disease. This is just an emotional state that one may experience and it does not effect ones body physically. However, it can lead to certain illnesses such as depression or bipolar disorder.

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